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Idiomatic Expressions
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English has a lot of idiomatic expressions.  How do I get started learning them?  Are there verbs that I can study?

Yes. All verbs in English are not equal.  The verbs to be, to get and to have are three of the most important verbs in English,  Many of the most popular idiomatic expressions contain one of  these three verbs.  Do you understand the following expressions:  to get paid,  to get fat,  to get out by the skin of one's teeth, to have a big head,  to have the right stuff, to have what it takes, to be all that,  to be in one's birthday suit,  to be all ears,  to be a heartbeat away?  The following verbs  would also be good to study: to take, to do, to make, to bring, to call, to cut, to come, to let, to tell and to say.



I have a question which can't frankly I'm scared to know the answer.  Are words defined metaphorically the same throughout the English-speaking world?  

When the words are part of the standard English, than the answer is yes. English-speakers understand each other metaphorically.  However, when the words are part of the informal or idiomatic aspect of English, the answer is no.  There are aspects of British English that an American English-speaker does not understand.  One good example is rhyming slang.  Most Americans have no idea what rhyming slang is or mean.  Sometimes the difference between the English spoken in one country versus another is so different that some movies have close caption or subtitles.


Does that mean that an American English-speaker also has to study English?

   If an American English-speaker goes to live in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any other English-speaking country, YES, he or she must study the English that is spoken in that country.

Idiomatic Expressions



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Body Expressions 
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Body Expressions
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