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Does English have a lot of metaphors?

Yep!  English is a language which is rich in metaphors.  On the one hand, this is a great advantage.  One is able to select words which express nuances of meaning.  Because English can be stretched in ways that very few languages can be, speakers of that language have access to a vocabulary which is second to none.  However, English's very richness is also one of its great disadvantages, especially to those who have not the opportunity to study English on all levels.  Another disadvantage to English is that much of its vocabulary is culturally dependent.  That is very bad news for persons who know nothing about how people who speak English construct their world.  The truth is that the structural aspect of a language, no matter how complex or complicated, is a million times easier to get a hold of, understand and learn than the figurative or metaphoric one.  Structure, after all, can be memorized; culture can not be.  It must be assimilated and comprehended.  To understand English metaphorically, one must go beyond the superficial and venture into the world of ideas.  That is, one must leave the world of black and white to venture into the world of grays.   Understanding English metaphorically, is comprehending how people who speak that language perceive their reality, by no means an easy task.


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